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Fill the Gap

Provide young people with educational support, career development opportunities, and positive role models for academic and professional success. Fill the gap will help young people develop the skills to compete successfully in higher education and careers of their choosing. Our vision is to be one of the leading resources in preparing young people for their futures. Fill the gap accomplishes this by providing leadership experiences for existing and emerging community leaders, as well as increasing community reinvestment of local businesses and organizations. Academic achievement activities emphasize success in school, high school graduation, and pursuit of higher education. Students engage in ACT and SAT test preparation, homework assistance and tutoring, field trips to colleges and universities, and scholarship searches. Through academic support, career exploration and mentoring from Adult volunteers, fill the gap Program helps youth: Raise their academic standards Develop a positive sense of self Build character Explore diverse college and career options

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SAYC Healthy Living Program

SAYC Healthy Living Program is always trying to encourage healthy habits. We are implemented new programming and snack options to help kids make better discussion when it comes to eating and living healthy. Healthy Living Program includes games, sports, fitness activities field trips, healthy and fun cooking, and educating youth about healthy choices. SAYC is working toward only offering healthy snacks on a regular basis, such as trail mix, fruit strips, organic milk, apples and bananas.

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3D Printing via The Maker Bot

What is MakerBot? MakerBot brings the future to your desktop with affordable, open source 3D printers.  MakerBot is our own little factory, and it can make almost anything you can imagine Makerbotting has the potential to transform the way we think about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, and to inspire more young people to pursue STEM careers

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SAYC Job Training

The Situation

Teens often lack the basic employability skills needed to get and keep a job in today's society. Research shows that 85% of people who lose a job do so because they lack good work habits, rather than lack appropriate job skills. Factors most often cited for job loss are tardiness and absenteeism, failure to follow intrusions, and inability to get also with supervisors or fellow workers. Basic employability skills that are based in a strong work ethic are needed in all occupations. While the proper technical skills are important, today's employers are looking for employees with the ability to communicate effectively, work on a team, resolve conflicts, conform ethical dilemmas, and manage their time in a effective manner.

Our Response

SAYC will offer a Job Tanning Program for teen that will cover the following topic from local employers. The following topics were covered in the training: What is a work ethic? The importance of dependability, initiative, and interpersonal skills. What do employers want in an employee? How to make a positive first impression. Tips for mastering the paperwork (applications and resumes). The successful job interview. Skills needed to keep a job once you get it.

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SAYC Cooking class

Come and join us to learn how to cook a healthy snack. Students each week will be able to learn how to prepare the meal from start to finish. This includes everything from preparing the work space to cleanup of the kitchen. Signup today!

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Computer Repair Program

Our Computer repair program provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology, and once the work is down kids get to keep the computer.  It is more than just following steps to fix a computer it is learning about how the technology works and fostering a fascination with technology that will hopefully lead to higher education.

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Tutoring And Mentoring Program

Tutoring and mentoring program.  Our mission is to help children overcome barriers to achievement in school and promote academic success.  Each child does homework with his or her tutor and receives any extra help he or she needs in the fundamentals, especially reading or math.  We create a supportive community where learning can take place.   Each person is respected and education and achievement are valued.   SAYC goal is to prepare children to perform better in school by providing them with educational assistance, positive role models, consistency, and extracurricular activities that broaden their horizons.

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Pottery Program

Artist and staff member Malik Mitchell provides training on how to use a pottery wheel and the basics of pottery for our participants.  This program teaches patience and the idea of never give up!  This program bring out the creative side of the youth and helps to instill a love of art in the participants. 

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Homework Club

Homework club is offered Monday - Thursday from 4:15pm to 5:00pm. Homework club is a time for the participants of the youth center to do their homework, and get help if needed. If the participant does not have homework they can choose to read a book instead. Homework club is an optional activity, however it is suggested.

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Free Time

Upstairs Gym

The second floor of the Stoughton Area Youth Center is the active floor of the building.  This floor has a basketball hoop and plenty of space for Basketball or Football.  This floor also contains games such as pool, Foosball, ping-pong and Carpetball

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Video Games

The Stoughton Area Youth Center has a Xbox 360 and a Playstation 4 with age appropriate games and controllers that can be checked out for use.  Donations of money, Games rated E to T and controllers are always needed.  Also if you have a game system you would like to donate we would me more than happy to take it.

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Computer Lab

There are many computers at the Stoughton Area Youth center available to participants with a log in on the Stoughton Area School District's network. All participants using the computers must abide by the Stoughton Area School District's Code of Responsible Computing, which all users typically sign in school.

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Board Games

The game closet at the Stoughton Area Youth Center has a huge stockpile of board games. These games are available for use and there is plenty of table space for these games to be played.


The first floor of the Stoughton Area Youth Center is also used as a lounge area, where participants can relax and hang out with friends. There is a large variety of couches and chairs. 

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